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With so much art on the Web (Yahoo lists over 2000 individual artists), we're definitely lacking good indices. Plain link lists abound, but are of little use, comprehensive databases are few and far in between, and focused thematic directories are almost non-existent. This is an attempt at creating a useful directory.

To be fair, we present the list in a random order, which is new every time you reload the page. The two "featured artists of the moment" are also selected randomly every time the page is reloaded.

To be focused, we list only contemporary oil painters with their own Web sites. We hope that the list will be of a manageable size, while still remaining useful. We chose oil just because we wanted to narrow the scope, and listing our sister sites was a natural choice. Additionally, filtering based on keywords will help people looking for something specific, such as serene seascapes or colorful abstractions.


Meet the authors of this site: my wife, artist Maria Kazanskaya and myself, physicist and programmer Dmitrii Manin. We are Russian and currently live in San Francisco Bay Area.


This site is located at the largest Russian entertainment server, Chertovy Kulichki. The name is a Russian idiom meaning approximately "in the middle of nowhere", and literally "at the Devil's pierogi party". If you read Russian, you most probably know the site very well, otherwise you probably won't find anything useful there.