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Sallyann Carstensen

Small abstract paintings with fluid colorful shapes
abstract, colorful, american, small

Sherry Stuart

Various subjects, with mostly American Western themes, in traditional realist style, by an Arizona artist
still life, animals, cowboys, western, landscape, realism, american
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View a thumbnail imageJames B. Jankegt, Suburban Allegories, Colorful, symbolic paintings with a flavor of early XX-th century art. Suburban and urban scenes, religious motives.
colorful, symbolic, scenes, figurative, religious, urban, american

View a thumbnail imageVitali Komarov, Colorful, painterly still lifes, landscapes and figures by Russian artist living in Prague.
landscape, still life, figure, painterly, colorful, russian, european

View a thumbnail imageJohn Simon, Realistic and romantic landscapes of Fir Island, by Seattle. "I paint its regional biography with a sense of awe and magic."
landscape, realism, romantic, american

View a thumbnail imageCornelis Monsma, "Christian contemporary paintings without a religious aftertaste,colorful and unusual" Often bordering on the abstract.
colorful,unusual,Christian,contemporary,prophetic,new zealand

View a thumbnail imageGalakhov Nikolai, Landscape oil paintings of 1960-1990ss by a "Leningrad School" artist.
russian landscape realist impressionist europen

View a thumbnail imageJosé Arjonilla Migal, Powerful abstract compositions in subdued colors that remind winding fabric bands. Called "Abstract Modulations" by the Spanish artist.

View a thumbnail imageLes Cover, Small-scale landscape and still life paintings of mostly Southwestern motif by New Mexico artist
still life, landscape, representational, southwestern, american

View a thumbnail imageElisabet Stacy-Hurley, Homepage of Elisabet Stacy-Hurley,with links to her "Paintings of Iceland",other misc. paintings "Album", Vintage House Gallery, her newsletter and resume, plus links to the Icelandic Sheepdog Assoc. of America.

View a thumbnail imageFrancesco Boretti, "Abstract Expressionist painting that transforms the appearance of reality by means of a strong and personal use of color" -- rather cheerful abstract works by an Italian artist
abstract, expressionism, painterly, colorful, floral, italian, european

View a thumbnail imageSergey Osipov, Distinctively Russian, painterly, spiritual, landscapes and still lifes in modern realist style, with a hint of cubism
russian,landscape,still life,realism,impressionism,modern,cubism,painterly

View a thumbnail imageMaria Kazanskaya, Painterly landscapes, still lifes and other oil paintings by Russian artist living in California. One of the first art sites on the Web -- on line since January 1995
landscape, floral, still life, figure, russian, postimpressionist, european

View a thumbnail imageMarcelino Herranz, Fauvist, painterly works: bold brushwork and saturated colors; portraits, some interiors and landscapes
contemporary, fauvist, painterly, portrait, figurative, interior, spanish

View a thumbnail imageSy Mohr, Sy Mohr Gallery, "Sy Mohr - contemporary American folk artist, paints oil murals and wood with a cubist touch. Music, dance, color and wit; Card Players, Pool Players, Madonna and Voo Doo (Haiti), Gypsies, etc. People in cities, towns, festivals, parades, weddings, celebrations. Woodstock. Amish scenes, beach resorts."
contemporary, American, folk art, cubism, murals, festivals, parades

View a thumbnail imageBart Westgeest, "Realistic paintings of Icelandic and other North European landscapes by Dutch painter living in Denmark."

View a thumbnail imageSpiro Georges Mandylor, Painterly, expressionistic, both in mood and in manner, contemporary works: urban landscapes, figures, abstraction
painterly, expressionism, landscape, urban, abstract, figure, american

View a thumbnail imageMario Beaudoin, Fantasy villages in bright, happy colors.

View a thumbnail imageChristopher T. Buoscio, Realistic architectural paintings of Chicago buildings, often in unusual lighting and perspective
urban, cityscape, architecture, chicago, night, mood, film noir, mysterious, realism, american

View a thumbnail imageDelores David, Very detailed and thorough portraits, plus wildlife and floral paintings, in realist style with a hint of romanticism.
Realistic, detailed, portraits, children

View a thumbnail imageLevent Akayli, Levent Akayli's art site, Decorative and painterly depictions of musicians, ballet dancers and similar subjects
Turkish artist, Turkish painter, aquarelle, oil, art, artist, painter, ballet, dance, dancer, music, musicians

View a thumbnail imageDennis R. Johnson, Very impasto, textured abstract compositions, "based from letters", in the artist's words
abstract, texture, american

View a thumbnail imageYuri Remyga, Decorative, bright, painterly portraits and other figurative paintings.
painterly, decorative, colorful, portraits, figures, russian, european

View a thumbnail imageDan Markovich, Rich, painterly landscapes, scenes and portraits with unusual perspective and subtle Russian folk motives
painterly, folk, landscape, scenes, figures, protraits, russian

View a thumbnail imageCarole Estrup, Symbolic and mystical figurative paintings in art-deco aesthetic
art deco, symbolic, mystic, mythology, american

View a thumbnail imageMax D. Standley, "Artwork of detailed realism, some contain hidden surrealistic and biomorphic imagery that cause visual paradigm shifts. Oil paintings added as they are finished."
peaceful, nature, animals, wildlife, landscapes, transformative, magical, imaginary, ferns, waterfalls, streams, figurative, detailed surrealism, hidden imagery, healing, symbolic, symbols

View a thumbnail imageSemionov Arseny, Oil paintings of 1950-1990ss by a Russian artist. Painterly, contemporary realist works, various subject matter.
russian cityscape ganre landscape realist impressionist oil

View a thumbnail imageVladymyr Sorokin, Detailed realistic images of various subject matter by a multi-talented Ukrainian artist, author, and businessman
realism, still life, landscape, portrait, miniature, ukraine, european

View a thumbnail imageJiro Hyoda, Dozens of realistic, painterly works with all sorts of subjects from this Japanese artist.
landscape, figure, still life, florals, realistic, japan

View a thumbnail imageBunny Oliver, Mid-size landscapes, florals, gardens, street scenes "in impressionistic style"
impressionism,florals,still lifes,landscapes,street scenes,gardens

View a thumbnail imageWendy White, Colorful, cheerful works, sometimes very Van Gogh-ish. Fauvist to almost abstract landscapes.
landscape, abstract, fauvist, colorful, cheerful

View a thumbnail imageEnriquillo Rodriguez Amiama, Colorful, open, cheerful paintings with lots of sun, fruit, tropical vegetation by a Caribbean artist
still life,portrait,colorful,decorative,modern,realistic,romantic,symbolic,caribbean

View a thumbnail imageD.J. Speelman, A visionary creation of the imagination, Dark, fantastic images by the artist living in the Netherlands
figure, landscape, symbolic, netherlands, european

View a thumbnail imageJohn Sayers, "Realistic paintings of tulips and other flowers" in interior settings against windows
realism, floral, tulips, interior, american

View a thumbnail imageLinda Huffman, Finely painted, decorative, realistic florals and seascapes
floral, seascape, american, decorative, realist

View a thumbnail imageCora, "Comtemporary impressionist painter in Provence, Cora presents her work: lavender landscape, poppies, olive trees". A multimedia-heavy site.
impressionism,florals,still lifes,landscape,france,provence

View a thumbnail imageLance Anderson, LA Studio, I have four categories of original oil paintings,rural,boxing,panthers and water.

View a thumbnail imageRichard Ferrugio, "Contemporary realism", sometimes on the surrealist side. Landscapes, figures, interiors, and still life.
landscapes, figure, interiors, still life, colorful, realism, american

View a thumbnail imageWilliam C. Byers, William Byers paints African-Americans, jazz and blues musicians, and events from the 1960's Civil Rights Movement. See jazz prints and notecards of African-American women, and oil paintings of Count Basie, Prez; Selma, Little Rock, Birmingham heroes.
William Byers, Bill Byers, oil painter, artist, African-American, jazz, jazz musicians, prints, jazz prints, gifts, notecards, cards, blues, artists, contemporary, American, art, African-American, Civil Rights, Civil Rights Movement, Jazz

View a thumbnail imageRoald Nordstrom, Roald's WebGallery, Pictures inspired by Norwegian coast an highlands. By a self-taught artist.
Figurative oil paintings, landscape

View a thumbnail imageSally Shelton Nooney, Still lifes and landscapes in a realist manner
still lifes, landscapes, traditional,naturalistic

View a thumbnail imageDouglas Ferrin, Concrete Almanac, Figures and interiors in the "Old Masters" style
figure, interior, realism, american

View a thumbnail imageTyej, Decorative, colorful images and abstractions, inspired by African culture

View a thumbnail imageRichard Mitchell, The Milky Way Gallery, Multiple paintings in a variety of styles and subjects, in a generally realistic and painterly manner
landscape, figure, scenes, portrait, british

View a thumbnail imageKnud Haugmark, Painterly, landscapes, still lifes, nudes, and interiors in a contemporary style by Danish artist
landscape, still life, nude, interior, figure, contemporary, danish, european

View a thumbnail imageElaine Ranney, Colorful, decorative landscapes

View a thumbnail imageJohn Chose, Romantic landscapes with figures. "Works that display the human mood rather than just vistas."

View a thumbnail imageCraig Snyder, Modernist images with a surrealist bend; mostly based on human form; some decorative, some unsettling
modernism, surrealism, figure, decorative, american

View a thumbnail imageDennis Chadra, Realistic still life, landscape and figures by an artist and instructor
realism, still life, landscape

View a thumbnail imagePeter Eccleston, The Eccleston Studio, A look into a working studio.
portraits,nude studies,figurative,panche,alla prima,colourful.

View a thumbnail imageAlfred Currier, Painterly, colorful images of Pacific Northwest; some abstract expressionist works.
impasto,Pacific Northwest,landscape,textured,colorful,figurative

View a thumbnail imageRuss Voelker, "A gallery depicting the landscapes, nature, wildlife and early residents of the Western US Rocky Mountains."
realism, wildlife, landscapes, Western, nature, mountains

View a thumbnail imageRobyn Bellospirito, Symbolic, decorative paintings
symbolic, decorative, american

View a thumbnail imageStephanie Forbes, Commissioned portraits of people and pets; some originals in smooth, realist style
Portraits, still life, pet portraits, realism

View a thumbnail imageNicolas Evans, "Variety of subject matter, from figurative to abstract. Neoexpressionistic and experimental in style. Dark, emotional, mysterious, introspective themes"
dark, emotional, mysterious, introspective, avant-garde

View a thumbnail imageChris Murphy, British coutryside landscapes in earth colors, all completed in one session

View a thumbnail imageFederico Correa, Very expressionist, dark in mood, large canvases "by a California born chicano artist [...] fuelled by the artist's early domestic experiences"
american,expressionism,narratives, sexuality, incest, incertitude, provocation, death, expulsion

View a thumbnail imageIsabel Kumerz, Various paintings in a painterly manner
landscape,figure,still life,nudes,florals,painterly

View a thumbnail imageTeterin Viktor, Oil paintings of 1950-1990ss by a Russian artist. Painterly, realist works, various subject matter.
russian realist impressionist still-life portrait ganre oil

View a thumbnail imageVladimir Ovchinnikov, Painterly and lively realist still lifes, landscapes, scenes. Very Russian in style, mood, and subject.
russian landscape realist impressionist seascape figurative

View a thumbnail imageJ. D. King, Works of a US artist "dealing mainly with photorealistic images of the female nude figure."
female nude, photorealism, large, powerful, colorful

View a thumbnail imageTatarinov German, Landscape paintings of 1950-1990ss by a Russian artist. Painterly, realistic images of beautiful Russian nature.
russian, realist, impressionist, landscape, painterly

View a thumbnail imageGoldenflower, Romantic "soft" surrealism; "reality with a touch of fantasy"
fantasy, surrealism

View a thumbnail imageKimas, "A self taught artist, painting mainly in oils.Portraits and Ocean scenes." With a primitivist touch.

View a thumbnail imageRichard Baumgart, Whiteoyster Art, Contemporary representational paintings by American artist. Planar, distorted images, with allusions to early 20-th century art.
fine art,oils,contemporary

View a thumbnail imageT. Treleaven, Jazz and Medieval Art, Topics ranging from Jazz to Medieval themes with colour and mood as a focus in a loose realistic style. Paintings that portray feeling and sound along with a visual dynamic.
allegory, medieval, jazz, loose realism, canadian

View a thumbnail imageD. Morgan Jones, "Painterly landscapes, still lifes, portraits, abstracts, in oil and acrylics, by Cape Cod artist."
landscapes,still lifes, abstracts,painterly,Cape Cod

View a thumbnail imageGreg Childers, Decorative abstract paintings with rich texture and serene presence
abstract, decorative, american

View a thumbnail imageDavid Mueller, David Mueller - Fine Art, "Traditonal fine artist, oil painter, specializing in figurative genre, landscapes, portraits and nudes rendered in a painterly realism manner"
classical, realism, painterly realism, oils, traditional, representational, figurative, genre

View a thumbnail imageAlexander Chubar, Contemporary works in a distinctive graphical style. Still lifes, figures, portraits and interiors, also erotic and mythological themes.
still life, figurative paintings, mythological, erotic

View a thumbnail imageChekalov Vladimir, Russian Socialist realism of 1950-1960ss. Landscapes, scenes, figures, portraits.
russian landscape realist impressionist oil portrait ganre

View a thumbnail imageLennie Hirsh, "Paintings of children which are often both realistic and whimsical. The works are based on photographs of children I know, children I have observed in my travels and, my favorite, children on carousels."
photorealism, realism, children, portraits, carousel art, american

View a thumbnail imageBrian Simons, Traditional, realist, painterly marines, landscapes, still life

View a thumbnail imageLeon Engelen, Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings using classical techniques.
landscape, animals, realism

View a thumbnail imageVicky Perry, "Mostly American landscapes, figures, violins done realistically paired with abstract regions on the same canvas peice. Abstraction comments on the realism. Sincere - not intended to be ironic."
landscape,violins,figure,realism,abstract,action/process painting,women's art

View a thumbnail imageStephen Brealey, A Boy And His Brush, "Realistic figures and portraits by self-taught amateur artist.".

View a thumbnail imageLev Russov, Portraits and some other paintings by Russian artist; modern painterly realism
russian,portrait,figure,still life,realism,modern,painterly

View a thumbnail imageAltieri Jaime, Decorative, contemporary, symbolic paintings: faces, figures, scenes

View a thumbnail imageAntipova Evgenia, Oil paintings of 1950-1990ss by a Russian artist. Painterly, realist works, various subject matter.
russian still-life ganre landscape realist impressionist oil

View a thumbnail imageAlene Jeffrey, South Texas Western Art, Texan countryside images: horses, cowboys, cactuses by a self-taught artist.
realist, texas, american, horses, cowboys

View a thumbnail imageADOLF, Realistic-Hyperrealistic oil paintings (and drawings). Doors, windows, portraits, models, nudes...
realistic, hyperrealistic, figurative, houses, facades, doors, windows, portraits, models, nudes, european, catalan

View a thumbnail imageRichard van der Spek, Bill Bogaarts, "figuraive paintings by eminent dutch artists. Themes include everyday life, music, literature, portraits." Unsettling works with a touch of German Expressionism.
figurative,modern society,everyday life,portraits,murals

View a thumbnail imagebob dornberg, "270 quick open oils expanding the elements of dark light pattern, rhythm of line and object." Cheerful, bright, and bold works.
figures, stillifes, scenes, action

View a thumbnail imageMartha Hayden, Very painterly works, with strong color, bold brushwork, and somewhat distorted perspective
representational, expressionism, painterly, colorful, landscape, cityscape, urban, rural, still life, figure

View a thumbnail imageViktor Lyapkalo, Portraits and nudes in realist, painterly style by a contemporary Russian artist
russian portrait nudes realism impressionism figurative

View a thumbnail imageJan Dove, Postmodernist paintings with expressionist aesthetics and layers upon layers of implied meaning
postmodern, expressionism, symbolic, scenes, american

View a thumbnail imageRandolphlee McIver, "Galleries of contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture breaking with aesthetics of the late 20th century for a new, figurative direction inspired by the arts of ancient Greece and the Renaissance"
contemporary, figurative, classical

View a thumbnail imageJeff Mihalyo, Very symbolic, surrealist paintings with shifts of perspective, scale, and meaning.
fine art, painting, landscape, surrealism, seattle

View a thumbnail imagePozdneev Nikolai, Vaious subjects from a Russian realist painter of 1940-1980.
russian portrait ganre still-life landscape realist impressionist oil

View a thumbnail imageAymerich, Charo, Charo Aymerich, Portraits and other paintings in contemporary realist style by a Spanish artist working in the Netherlands
Contemporary, figurative

View a thumbnail imageJohn Philip, Realistic paintings of African wildlife animals to underwater scenes to landscapes to fantasy art
realism, African, wildlife, underwater, fantasy

View a thumbnail imageSimon Donikian, City landscapes, still lifes, and portraits in realist and surrealist styles by Armenian artist of Romanian schooling living in Queens, New York. Subdued colors, curvilinear forms, fine lines.
cityscape, landscape, still life, scenes, surrealism, realism, european, american, armenian

View a thumbnail imageEliza Calles, Stylish male and female figures in decorative, painterly style, on abstract backgrounds.
figure, abstract, decorative

View a thumbnail imageDenton Lund, "Western, wildlife, Native American, and visionary themes". Finely executed, romantic compositions.
western, wildlife, Native American, visionary, romantic, figurative

View a thumbnail imageGrzegorz Fulawka, Realistic and romantic landscapes, figures, some still life by Polish artist
realism, romantic, poland, landscape, still life, figure, european

View a thumbnail imageB.J.Faulkner, Fauve, whimsical, colorful paintings
colorful, fauvism, british, european

View a thumbnail imageAthos Agapitos, Abstract-style landscapes and still lifes by a Cypriot artist
abstract,landscape,still life,cypriot,european

View a thumbnail imageJohn Chip, There's just one image on the site, that should be changing. The one I saw was worth looking at.
American realism, Brandywine River School, landscapes, figurative

View a thumbnail imageIsmo Jokiaho, BlackHole (FM), Calm color-field abstractions, balanced and suggestive
Abstracts, oils, painting, contemporary, finnish, european

View a thumbnail imageMichaela Akers, "paintings of a mystical nature by juried portrait artist:Renaissance Angel,portrait of a Boy King and European scenes"

View a thumbnail imageSondra J. Seeger, "Painting gallery divided into sections by subject and feeling. One separate page of paintings in the miniature discipline." Mostly small size, traditional realist and romantic works.
Traditional, realist, still life, landscapes, wildlife, figurative, miniatures, historic, american

View a thumbnail imagePaul Riedel, Laconical, modern, mural-like paintings with symbolic overtones by a Brazilian artist living in Germany
surrealism, modern, animals, figure, decorative, german, brazil

View a thumbnail imageHelen Zapata, Large, colorful, decorative close-ups of flowers, plus some landscapes. "Drenched in vivid color, and infused with the innate drama of Nature"
floral, landscape, colorful, decorative, realist

View a thumbnail imageStefan Stenudd, Symbolic figurative paintings in modernist aesthetic
symbolic, modernist, figurative, mythological, biblical, swedish, european

View a thumbnail imagemelei christina bilello, "dark, sullen moody oil paintings of people and their environments (without the actual place)"
dark, sullen, moody, portraits

View a thumbnail imageVicky Lentz, Vicky Lentz - An Artist In Nature, "Professional Canadian visual artist inspired by nature. Plein air nature landscapes."
Canadian,landscapes,plein air, contemporary, rural

View a thumbnail imageFred Marsh, Fine Impressionist Paintings of Australia, France & Scotland, "Features a wide range of subject matter including landscape, seascape, still life, portraits and figures in oil."
landscape, australia, france, australian,impressionism, paris, sydney, scotland, figure, figurative, nude

View a thumbnail imageDr. Bernard A. Widen, Photorealism: portraits, figure, cars, nudes, reflections, underwater, etc, "dramatic and with soul". Some available as prints.
photorealism, figure, portrait, scenes, boats, cars, horses

View a thumbnail imageTerri Boyd, Original Wardrobe Portraits, Exclusively clothes on the clothesline, or in the wardrobe, representing our common bonds, or portray someone's personality.
american, women artists, wardrobe portraits, clothesline, commission, realistic

View a thumbnail imageNana Bagdavadze, Paintings in realist style, mostly portraits with symbolic overtones, by Georgian artist residing in the US

View a thumbnail imageRoger Brown, Romantic and calm in mood, American impressionist in style
impresionist, american, landscape, figure, colorful, calming

View a thumbnail imagePamela Keegan, Figures and portraits, including celebrities, in a rough, painterly manner
portrait, figure, celebrities, american

View a thumbnail imageShay Rieger, Fine Art Animal Oil Paintings and Sculptures, Naive-style, decorative pictures of animals. Her work has been recreated in books and films. Shay Rieger's animal paintings and sculptures have been on display in the USA and Paris.
animals, naive, primitive, decorative, american, new york

View a thumbnail imageFloro Dery, Very picturesque images of labouring workers and fishers, playing children, fantasy landscapes; with a distinct animation flavour.
realistic, impressionistic,workers,fishers,still life,children,animation

View a thumbnail imageMatt Sesow, Uncommon Contemporary Self Taught Artist., Very expressionist figurative paintings. Raw, powerful images.
expressionism, figure, american, self taught,disabled artist,folk art,contemporary

View a thumbnail imagePreben Saxild, Abstract expressionist paintings: "I base my inspiration on a stream of subconsciousness, developing the painting as I go along"
abstract, expressionism, danish, european

View a thumbnail imageMaevsky Dmitry, Russian landscapes from 1950-1980 in a realist painterly style.
russian landscape realist impressionist oil

View a thumbnail imagePaul Hennesy, Realistic landscapes by a member and past president of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters
realism, landscape, american

View a thumbnail imageALEC YATES, Decorative florals (somewhat like O'Keefe) fantasy landscapes and seascapes
decorative, floral, landscape, seascape, realism

View a thumbnail imageBen Moore, Painterly, richly colored works with a postimpressionist flavor.
postimpressionism, still life, landscape, cityscape, nude, figure, american

View a thumbnail imageLuis Nuñez, Realistic, decorative Florida landscapes. Lots of sky and water.
landscape, realism, colorful, decorative, florida, american

View a thumbnail imagePhilip Sybal, "Romantic Realist Painter focusing on the mystery and magic of Nature" -- finely executed moody and subdued landscapes with symbolic overtones
landscape, seascape, waterscape, representational, romantic, canadian

View a thumbnail imageJean Duran, Impasto, expressive, and colorful protraits and nudes

View a thumbnail imageMildrey Guillot, Something Different, Decorative, colorful, painterly still life and figure paintings by a Cuban American artist.
decorative, colorful, painterly, figure, still life, cuban, american

View a thumbnail imageJoyce Rowsell, Meticulous miniatures in oil on silk. Children, historical subjects, landscapes, still life.
miniature, still life, landscape, scenes, children, realism, american

View a thumbnail imageI. Joseph, "venice scenes,figurative,equine,still-life,religious,and native americans in a realistic impressionistic style"
venice,figurative,equine,still-life,religious,native americans

View a thumbnail imageMark John McDonough, Soft-colored abstract paintings resembling seascapes
abstract, american

View a thumbnail imageTage Fredheim, Figurative psychological paintings, bordering on abstract expressionist. Bold, painterly and colorful.
figure, figurative, expressionism, colorful, bold, abstract, european, norway

View a thumbnail imageJay Douglas Anderson, abstract sux!, Urban realism: subway trains, street fixtures and scenes.

View a thumbnail imageIrene Borg, Essential American impressionism: children and gardens in pastel colors
impressionism, children, gardens, still life, american

View a thumbnail imageFrank A. Pohole, "Work was what he did for a living. Painting was his profession." -- the late artist's son writes about his father. Several works ranging from abstract landscapes to realistic landscapes, painted mostly with fingers, instead of a brush.
landscape, abstract, american

View a thumbnail imageBernard Safran, Meticulously realistic paintings by the late artist who also painted Time covers in late 50's and early 60's. New York City scenes, rural Canada and other subjects.
realism, traditional, cityscape, figure, scenes, american

View a thumbnail imageEllen Vree-Kuester, "My expositions focus on the human being, surrounded by landscape, symbols and ornaments"
symbolic, figure, landscape, ornament, netherlands, european

View a thumbnail imageHelena Moreno, Helena Moreno, Realistic paintings of flowers, seascapes and small-town scenes, by a Canary Islands artist.
las palmas, realist, floral, seascape

View a thumbnail imageSemionov Alexander, Oil paintings of 1950-1990ss by a Russian artist. Painterly, realist works, cityscapes (mostly Leningrad) and landscapes.
russian cityscape still-life landscape realist impressionist

View a thumbnail imageLeif Nilsson, Nilsson Spring Street Studio & Gallery, Impressionistic landscapes of the artist's garden, the village of Chester, CT and the Connecticut River Valley
contemporary impressionistic, landscapes, river, garden, village, interior, american

View a thumbnail imageEriomin Alexey, Landscape paintings of 1950-1990ss by a Russian artist. Painterly, realistic images of beautiful Russian nature.
russian, realist, impressionist, landscape, painterly

View a thumbnail imageTimkov Nikolai, Russian landscapes from 1950-1980 in a realist painterly style.
russian landscape realist impressionist oil portrait

View a thumbnail imageAlan Wolton, Venice scenes, water lilies, florals, landscapes in realist style.
impressionistic, bold realist, Venice, water lilies, seascapes, landscapes, florals

View a thumbnail imageCatherine M. Elliott, Landscapes. Akin to American Impressionism in brushwork and subject matter, but very strong, bold, deep color.
landscape, impressionism, colorful, bold

View a thumbnail imageDonald R Ricker, Expressionist, allegorical, narrative works. "paintings of the NUDE EXCUSE Series. Also Alaskan native American Indian legend adult comics."
nternational, contemporary, narrative, allegorical, figurative

View a thumbnail imageCoiron Mino, Decorative, colorful abstracts
decorative, colorful, abstract, japan

View a thumbnail imageJim Boyer, Realistic plein-air landscapes of New Mexico and Colorado
landscape, realism, american, southwestern

View a thumbnail imageAHTELLO, AHTELLO Spiritual Art Gallery, Decorative, colorful, large-scale paintings, as the artist puts it "most are of beautiful powerful women, and others are more or less abstract".
female, woman, spiritual, love, colorful, feminist, european, swedish

View a thumbnail imageLouis F. Zygadlo, L F Z Studio, "Exploration of a painting perspective which he calls Dimensionalism, in which the main characteristic is to make the piece appear more three-dimensional. In doing so, he paints three-dimensional abstract forms, placing them within the boundaries of realism, yet remaining abstract in essence."
abstract, joyful, colorful, american

View a thumbnail imageJoe W. Stanford, Symbolic, expressionist, figurative paintings that "expose my feelings and beliefs and experiences in the most honest, straightforward, natural and thorough manner", according to the artist.
contemporary, expressive, figurative, colorful, nudes, historical, american

View a thumbnail imageAleex Hopkins, American impressionism: children and gardens "which radiate color, mood, and beauty back to the viewer"
impressionism, children, gardens, american

View a thumbnail imageK. Stimson, Colorful, painterly works in a variety of subjects, both representational and abstract.
portrait, still life, floral, abstract, landscape, american

View a thumbnail imageGeorge Pali, Very busy and colorful decorative abstractions, often resembling collage
abstract, colorful, decorative

View a thumbnail imageMartin Ridley, A Creative Process Revealed: Wildlife Art , "Artist portfolio of Martin Ridley, view how sketches, preparatory drawings and gallery of wildlife paintings evolve from initial field encounters."
wildlife, bird art, animals, birds, wildlife, misty, soft, snow scenes, winter, mountains, marshes, detailed, realistic, representational, dramatic, clouds, weather, moody skies, storm

View a thumbnail imageGevork Kotianz, Still life and figure paintings by Russian-Armenian artist; bright, painterly works
russian,armenian,still life,realism,modern,painterly

View a thumbnail imageLeeah Joo, Realist paintings of people, locations and scenes, with a sense of drama behind them. Stores, attic, sctreets, etc. Oil on wood panel.
landscapes, cityscapes, figurative, korean, portugal, kansas city, Connecticut, Missouri, female, narrative

View a thumbnail imageRob Gordon, Contemporary Realism, Detailed, realistic images, mostly picturesque Scottish landscapes.
landscapes, realism, seascapes, still-life, wildlife, scotland, castles

View a thumbnail imageDave Christiansen, cowboys, western, mountain men, wildlife, landscapes,portraits, horses
realism, cowboys, animals, landscape, american

View a thumbnail imageMario Gianello, Images of Venezian Carnival; realistic and romantic style

View a thumbnail imageAlicia Maury, "Romantic surrealistic", by the artist's definition, these are mostly landscapes infused with strong feeling
romantic, colorful, landscape, figure, american

View a thumbnail imageAnastasia Czerniakiewicz, Highly detailed paintings of rose and iris flowers; also children, teddy bears and scenes.
realism, decorative, american, romantic

View a thumbnail imageVladimir Zunuzin, Conceptual contemporary paintings in varying styles: from abstract to figurative, from realist to metaphysical

View a thumbnail imagePeter Sinnige, 1st-Art, Abstract landscape paintings, bright and painterly, by a Dutch artist
abstract, expressionism, colorful, landscape, european

View a thumbnail imageIgor Ulanovsky, J-Art. LightHome Israel., "Jewish conceptual fine art". Symbolic, fluid, large-scale, vaguely suggestive images
jewish, conceptual, colorful, abstract, figurative, spiritual, israeli

View a thumbnail imageJohn McCormick, "Plein-air marine paintings,landscape paintings and still life. Color, loose brush stroke, and texture are key"
plein-air,marine,landscape,still life,plein air,color,loose brushstroke,texture,impressionist

View a thumbnail imageGeorge Glenn Rodgers, North Country Graphics, Realistic Alaskan wildlife paintings and portraits of Eskimos. A glimpse into life in the North country.
realism, animals, wildlife, natives, alaskan, american

View a thumbnail imageGuiseppe Celi, Realistic and detailed paintings in subdued, washed-out colors; mostly interiors and still lifes
realism,still life,interior,subdued,italian,european

View a thumbnail imageClaude Simard, Painterly and cheerful landscapes of small Franco-Canadian towns
realism, landscape, cityscape, painterly, canadian

View a thumbnail imageJay Tucker, Exclusively nudes, realistic, slightly on the primitive side
nudes, realism, american

View a thumbnail imageRichard B. Nelson, Realistic and laconical still lifes: fruit, plates, some flowers.
realism, still life, fruit, floral, american

View a thumbnail imageSilvio Gagnon, Plein air landscape paintings
plein air, landscape, travelling, realism, canadian, america, portugal

View a thumbnail imageNela Gruden, Expressive, symbolic paintings in dark tones and sparse composition by a Croatian artist
symbolic, cityscape, interior, expressionism, croatian, european

View a thumbnail imageDianne Connolly, Bright, decorative works. "New Zealand artist inspired by local Far North, Doubtless Bay lifestyle. Still lifes and other scenes brilliantly coloured."
brilliant colours, still lifes, New Zealand, scenes.

View a thumbnail imageJoel Kass, A retrospective of the artist's oevre from 1955 to the present, from almost cubism to expressionism. Painterly, bold images, mostly figures and scenes, with strong presence and character.
Expressionism, Expressionist, Joy, Colors, Murals, Holocaust

View a thumbnail imageIvan Clarke, Romantic and finely painted mountain landscapes of New Zealand
landscape, realism, romantic, new zealand

View a thumbnail imageRichard Thomas Davis, Extremely lifelike realistic paintings of everyday objects, scenes, and landscapes
figure, landscape, still life, realism, american

View a thumbnail imageManrico Orlandi, Romantic and finely executed works from an Italian painter.
landscape, nudes, still life, animals, italy, realistic, european

View a thumbnail imageLynn Redfern, Realistic images of aircraft, mostly battle planes
realism, aircraft, airplane, military