Manin, Dmitrii Yurievich.

Applied Mathematics Lab / Dept. Biomathematical Sciences, CUNY / Mount Sinai Phone: 212/241-1521 e-mail:

I am a highly qualified and motivated physicist and programmer with diverse and extensive experience. As a scientist, I find satisfaction in solving problems; as a programmer, I am able to implement ideas in algorithms. I am interested in a challenging position in a research or innovation oriented environment, one that would fully utilize my abilities.
A challenging position that would utilize my diverse experience and problem-solving skills. Will relocate.
Since 1985: programming in C language for IBM PC machines, including high-level GUI under DOS and MS Windows~3.1, OLE, database applications (with Paradox Engine library), low-level printer, display and COM-port control, TSR utilities. Also familiar with FORTRAN, BASIC, Emacs Lisp, UNIX shell, Perl 5, TeX (as a programming language), have some experience with Assembly language, and C++. Web and Internet experience, HTML and complex CGI scripts in Perl and C for interactive WWW pages. NCSA HDF scientific data format, neural network simulations, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) distributed computing, and fluid dynamical computations. Familiar with Microsoft C programming environment and a number of other software for PC, as well as with UNIX workstations and X Windows system (including elementary graphics programming).
10+ years of research in geophysical and general fluid dynamics and applied mathematics in scientific institutions. Linear and nonlinear hydrodynamic stability theory, theory of rotating fluids, numerical simulation and visualization, turbulence, mixing, Principal Component Analysis, interpretation of observational and experimental data. Studies of the Earth's ozone layer. Numerical simulations and analytical studies of signal transformation in the visual pathway of mammals. Massive parallel simulations of neural networks. 24 scientific papers published, 5 in press or being prepared.
1989 Ph.D. in fluid dynamics from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow; 1983 M.S. from Moscow Physico-Technical Institute; 1977--1983 Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, Dept. Molecular and Chemical Physics, Chair of Plasma Physics.
1989 USSR Academy of Sciences Gold Medal for Young Scientists.
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